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Musikmakarna/Songwriters Academy
Sjögatan 6B, 891 60 Örnsköldsvik

"The grown-ups"
Ulla Sjöström - Principal

My mission as founder and ”the Boss” of Musikmakarna is very challenging and exciting! A unique education in continuous development, with the world as working field. Wonderful students and extra ordinary staff as well as Board/Management – what more could I wish? I am also performing  consulting commissions, education, tour operating and conference arrangements in my own company

Jerry Gyll - Education manager

As a course leader I book lecturers, schedule the studies, keep in contact with the music industry regarding students Internships, and much more. Together with my partner Peo I am running Samsound, where we produce commersials and different music productions. I am known for providing the coffe brakes with nice sweets….! And I always favour a cup of fresh coffee!

Frank Ådahl - Artist, Teacher & Mentor

My main role at Musikmakarna is to guide the students in the legal aspect of the music industry, such as artist contracts, recording and music publishing agreements and copyright law. I´m also a part of the feedback and support team when it comes to the creative process. Apart from school and the music industry, I´m fascinated by management training and process mapping. In other words, I´m quite boring…

Marlene Ödling - Clerk

My resposibility at the front office is to give students all kind of  daily service, solve problems and answer questions. Everything to make their studies and life easier.

Peo Hedin - Teacher

I work with studio production and feedback of the students master pieces. Have produced quite a lot over the years and think it is amazing to follow all our talents. Besides, I share the ownership of Samsound,, with Jerry. I do also spend time with my band Absorbing the pain, where I play the guitar. Rock on!

Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

Service office: