CHAIRMAN: Peo Nylén, Creative Director, Cosmos Music Publishing, Stockholm


Lisa Cronstedt, Marketing and Communications at the IFPI, the Swedish Group, Stockholm


Naomi Wood, A&R, Universal Music Publishing, Stockholm


Christoffer Lindh, Senior A&R Manager - Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia


Maria Svedenström, Head of Operations, Legal & Business Affairs, Nordic, Warner Music, Stockholm


Niclas Molinder, Songwriter / Producer and Founder of Auddly / Session


Anna Kornelia Åberg, Founder and Creative Director of BLNK Music, Stockholm


Lina Heyman, Head of Rightsholders Relations, STIM, Stockholm


Dan Alkenäs, Head of the Department Music & Art, Linnaeus University, Växjö/Kalmar


Martin Eklöv, musician, music teacher, Nolaskolan, Örnsköldsvik


Student representative, 1st year, co-opted member


Student representative, 2nd year, regular member


Ulla Sjostrom, Principal and educational manager of Musikmakarna/The Songwriters Academy

Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

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