Ulla Sjöström är Musikmakarnas grundare och rektor. Följ med in bakom kulisserna och se vad vi arbetar med just nu.

THANK YOU ALL for everything during 2019!

Thank you for everything during the past year! It has been a year with so much good things coming our way, giving hope and energy to work even harder for the future and our talented students.

Thank you all for beeing here with us, for visiting school, for remembering us in all different means. 

You are all part of the success by the Musikmakarna Family!

Now ending this year with humbleness, feeling grateful and proud at the same time.

We`ll continue our work with Together for Equality and Mental Health, as well as beeing a first class education for young songwriters, artists and producers with big dreams.

See you again 2020!

Take care! Live in love!



Musikmakarna Happenings Fall 2019

Visit from Quincy Jones Productions, LA:
Mårten - Grand Music Group, Alyssa - Quincy Jones Prod, Ulla - Musikmakarna, Thomas - Quincy Jones Prod.

Autumn at Musikmakarna started with such crazy speed, so many interesting visitors and projects on-going!

Among them, Quincy Jones Productions staff Alyssa & Thomas came from LA and opened new, inspiring doors.

Thank you! We are more than honored!


Celebrating the Denniz Pop Award!!!

Awarded the MVP - "Most Valuable Person" - by Denniz Pop jury

So, so honured to recieve the MVP at Denniz Pop Awards June 6th!

"Most Valuable Person " - it´s such a great recognition, I am walking on clouds!

Thank you Denniz Pop Awards, the Jury and the Music Business for trusting me with this wonderful prize!

Will work even harder for the mutual, good things!

Here we go again! Application record to Musikmakarna 2019!

Musikmakarna students Spring 2018, with Vice President of DimMak LA, Lorne Padman

.....and here we go again! Closed the application window last midnight and to the new course start this Fall we´ve got 335 applications from talented, hungry songwriters/ producers/ singersongwriters, wanting to join the Musikmakarna Family!

We´re so proud and grateful. Already this morning the intake jury started their delicate work with going through all applications, listening to all songs you´ve sent us, and - hopefully - finding the most special ones to be part of our next Musikmakarna class. So, with 11 applicants for each seat (maximium 30) this will be a tuff challenge! Looking forward to this exciting process!

Good working days in LA

Our students Sara, Max, Sanna, Oscar and Zerrin on Internship in LA.

Made a short, intensive trip to LA for many good meetings with our music business contacts and friends over there. 

Also visited our students on Internship as well as former students now working for their labels in songwriting sessions around the city.

So happy for their successes!


Fantastic night on the ice with torches under the stars

We celebrated the last winter nights with the students, walking on the ice at sea with torches under the clear moon lit sky, surrounded by stars.

A night to remember.

Now we are looking forward to the Spring to come!

Musikmakarna awarded by the Swedish Government! So proud!

With the Minister of Foreign Trade - Ann Linde - and the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Margot Wallström, Luwig Göransson and Thomas Johansson.

Photo by Sofia Nahringbauer/Regeringskansliet

The Government’s Music Export Prize 2018

The Government’s prize for extraordinary services to Swedish music exports in 2018 has been awarded to composer and producer Ludwig Göransson.

The Government’s 2018 Special Prize for long-standing contributions to Swedish music exports has been awarded this year to Thomas Johansson, Live Nation.

The Commendation for achievements of Particular Importance to the internationalisation of Swedish music has been awarded to Musikmakarna and Ulla Sjöström.


The winner of the Government’s Music Export Prize was presented during a ceremony at the International Press Centre. The prize is awarded each year to Swedish music creators who have contributed to export success and to spreading a modern and positive image of Sweden abroad.

“This year’s recipient of the Music Export Prize, Ludwig Göransson, is a clear example of how the Swedish music industry has created opportunities for people to boundlessly experiment and develop their talent and musicality to reach the absolute top world elite as music practitioners,” says Minister for Foreign Trade Ann Linde.

Ludwig Göransson became the 22nd winner of the Music Export Prize with the following citation:

“From Linköping to Los Angeles. From playing the drums so much to Metallica as an eight-year-old that he injured his thumb to basking in the limelight of pop music and popular culture. This composer and producer found his way early on to film music because it was full of opportunities. Because it was possible to mix and experiment so boundlessly with styles and rhythms – as he did last year on cinema screens across the world in ‘Black Panther’, ‘Creed II’ and ‘Venom’. The same thing happens in his music. The incredible song ‘This is America’, which combines hiphop, gospel, trap, afrobeat and more, took almost three years to complete with Childish Gambino. It is an important and much discussed song about today’s United States. In musical terms, it is an excellent declaration of who this boundless musician from Östra Götaland really is. He is certainly worthy of his nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. As well as the three Grammys he won.”

Sweden had several major and important musical ambassadors in 2018, but no one shone as brightly and clearly as this year’s Music Export Prize winner – Ludwig Göransson.


The Special Prize for long-standing contributions to Swedish music exports went to Thomas Johansson, Live Nation, with the following citation:

“This year’s winner of the Special Prize has had a key position in Swedish music exports ever since he founded the concert company EMA Telstar in 1969. The fact that right from its inception EMA Telstar brought foreign superstars and undertakings to Sweden opened international doors that gave him a leading role in export contexts as well. In the early 1970s, he and EMA had primary responsibility for ABBA’s tours when they became global stars, and since then he has been directly and indirectly involved when leading Swedish artists have been exported to the world’s stages. He fully managed the world tours of Europe and Roxette. With the title Chairman International/Nordics in the company that is now called Live Nation Sweden, he has also regularly worked behind the scenes in recent decades for contemporary Swedish export artists such as the Cardigans, Peter Jöback and Zara Larsson. Fifty years after that first global endeavour, Thomas Johansson is still an essential part of building Swedish music exports.”


The Commendation for Achievements of Particular Importance to the internationalisation of Swedish music was awarded to Musikmakarna with the following citation:

“In recent years, the Swedish and international music industry has been on pilgrimage to Örnsköldsvik where, under the slogan ‘It all starts with a great song’, a community songwriter programme has been fostering tomorrow’s songwriters for 20 years and created a well-deserved reputation as a nursery for unique talents. Hitmakers such as LÉON, Agrin Rahmani, Joy & Linnea Deb, SKOTT, SHY Martin & SHY Nodi, and many more, have received the tools they needed to create brilliant careers as music creators.

Tireless work led by real enthusiasts with a passion for music, and Head Teacher Ulla Sjöström who never compromises her vision, have given Sweden not only its first songwriter programme but also major international musical success. In addition to raising an entire occupational category to unimaginable heights, the school has also made a major contribution to gender equality in the Swedish music industry.”


Published 06 March 2019

A fantastic year has passed! Keeping up the good work here!

Swedish selections to Eurovision 2019 - several songs from Musikmakarna. Here is Elvira, youngest producer ever in the competition! Proud of you all!

A fantastic year has passed. So many amazing things have happened! I did not even have time to update my "Backstage Blog" here!

But now I will keep you informed, just wait!

Beginning with some great news tomorrow!

Soon again!


Februari 2018

Massor med snö!

Februari kom och gick, en månad då vintern och Kung Bore tidvis hade oss helt i sitt grepp. Men här på Musikmakarna rullade kreativiteten och låtskapandet på som vanligt, med besök av en expert på Sociala medier, BLNK Music, Pernilla - the Kennel, med flera.


Grammis gick i #Metoo- tecken med orangefärgade blommor på oss kvinnor, en påminnelse om att elden brinner. Många fantastiska svenska artiter och musikskapare hyllades, som sig bör. Stående ovationer fick Kenneth Gärdestad då han, märkt av sin sjukdom, bjöds upp på scenen och hyllades av oss alla för sina underbara texter, en tidlös gåva till den svenska låtskatten. Det blev sista gången han hedrades, då han kort tid därefter gick bort.


Den 19 februari anordnade vi en AW-samling i Stockholm för inbjudna organisationer och nyckelpersoner inom ramen för vårt projekt "Together for Equality". Ett 70-tal gäster kom och vi fick en mycket intressant kväll tillsammans på temat Jämställdhet och Allas lika rätt. Bland deltagarna fanns the Equalizer Project (Spotify, Musikförläggarna och MXM), ExMS (Export Music Sweden), UD - Ministery for Foreign Affairs, PopKollo, Musikgäris, Podium, Vem kan bli producent, BLNK, EQ Loves Music, Impra, Musikcentrum, Upfront Producer Network, MusikSverige, PRMD med flera. Audio Production Academy bjöd in till sina fina lokaler där många nya kontakter knöts under kvällen.


Sedan kom hela Mello-festen till Örnsköldsvik. Musikmakarnas studenter var personliga värdar till alla artister, programledning och crew, samt press och stod redo att rycka ut om någon hjälp behövdes under dagarna här hos oss. Lördagens TV-sända deltävling blev som vanligt ett stort glitterkalas och alla hade kul. Felix Sandman var en av de artister som gick direkt vidare, väl värd och extra roligt då han är en av dem som tidigare varit uppe hos Musikmakarna på låtskrivarcamp för artister. Musikmakarnas ledningsgrupp fanns också på plats och efter ledningsmötet på lördagens förmiddag hade vi öppet hus då många av artisternas låtskrivare dök upp på skolan, väldigt roligt. En kul vecka och helg!


Allt medan solen då och då tittade fram på oss över höga snödrivor och temperaturen några dagar kröp ner under minus 20 grader C!




Januari - bra start på 2018

Firar beskedet om beviljade ytterligare 3 års intag vid Musikmakarna med gästföreläsare Johan Gustafson

Året startade bra och januari bjöd på mycket snö, peppade studenter och intressanta musikmöten på skolan och över Skype. Beskedet från Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan om att Musikmakarna beviljats ytterligare tre intag blev månadens höjdpunkt som firades med gästföreläsaren för dagen, begåvade producenten Johan Gustafson, tidigare student vid Musikmakarna och medlem i låtskrivarteamet "Trinity" - idag alias Sid Rosco. 

Nu tar vi nya tag och laddar för Musikmakarna tre år framåt - dags att sjösätta nya spännande idéer och projekt för våra låtskrivare och skolan!

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0660 - 10560