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We are a part of the Swedish Musical Wonder.

Musikmakarna is Sweden's first songwriting education founded in 1998 by Ulla Sjöström. Since its inception, the institution has delivered loads of sought-after songwriters, producers and artists to the music industry in Sweden and globally, as well as established wide networks all over the world.

The combination of the unique environment at the High Coast, the close collaboration with the music industry, the cluster of a large number of like-minded creators and the access to studios 24/7 are some of the factors that create the conditions for our students' successes.

In addition to our work with the global music industry, we also collaborate with organizations such as the Tim Bergling Foundation, Dua Lipa's Sunny Hill Foundation, YouTube, and more.

Ulla Sjöström, Founder and Head of School

In recent years, Musikmakarna have been awarded with

2018: The Government/Foreign Ministry - Swedish Music Export Prize of Honor:

"A tireless work led by zealots who are passionate about music and the principal Ulla Sjöström who never compromises with her visions, has given Sweden not only its first songwriting education, but also great international musical successes. The school has not only lifted an entire professional category to unimagined heights, but also made a big contribution to gender equality in the Swedish music industry."

2019: Denniz Pop Awards – VIP, Most Valuable Person Award

"Thanks to her hard work and strong visions, she helps the Swedish music wonder to continue every single day. The Honorary Award MVP's awarded to Ulla Sjöström, founder and headmaster of Musikmakarna."

2022: Örnsköldsvik Municipality's Honorary Award and City Key:

"Through the founding of Musikmakarna, she has worked to ensure that many successful songwriters have been trained and that we in the municipality and the rest of the world have had access to priceless musical treasures. Musikmakarna have made great efforts for gender equality in a male-dominated industry and have also contributed to the fact that, among other things, musicians from Ukraine have been given a safe haven at the school".

Board of Directors


Peo Nylén

Creative Director, Cosmos Music Publishing, Stockholm

Lisa Cronstedt

Head of Marketing and Communications, IFPI Sweden. Project Manager, Grammis Sverige, Stockholm

Christoffer Lindh

VP A&R & Business Development, Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia, Stockholm

Mikael Jonasson

Head of sales & marketing, Universal Production Music AB

Camilla Bjering von Zweigbergk

Warner Music, Stockholm

Niclas Molinder

Songwriter / Producer and founder of Auddly / Session.id

Anna Kornelia Åberg

Founder and Creative Director of BLNK Music, Stockholm

Ida Staxenius

Process Owner - Creators, STIM, Stockholm

Naomi Wood

CEO Wood Music,


Dan Alkenäs

Artistic Senior Lecturer in Music, Linnaeus University, Växjö/Kalmar

Martin Eklöf

Musician and music teacher, Nolaskolan, Örnsköldsvik

Head of School

Ulla Sjöström

Educational manager of Musikmakarna / The Songwriters Academy

Jerry Gyll

Course leader Musikmakarna, co-opted member

Lillan Axebrink

2 year student representative, co-opted member

Mats Hansson

2nd year student representative, co-opted member

Our Staff

Ulla Sjöström

Founder / Head of School

Jerry Gyll

Course Leader Musikmakarna

Frank Ådahl

Artist, Teacher and Mentor

Marlene Ödling


Peo Hedin

Music Producer, Songwriter, Mentor

Niclas Lundin

Songwriter, Teacher, Mentor

Marcus Stridsberg

Film producer, Teacher, Mentor

Oscar Sundelin

Artist, Songwriter, Project Manager and Technology Officer

Hannah Sedin

Course Leader Dreamhill Music Academy / SIM - Songwriting for an International Market


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We are always looking for new collaborations and partners who wants to add value to our students. When we partner up with other organizations we look for a win-win relationship where both you and our students gets something back in return. Do you have an idea or proposal for a collaboration?

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Musikmakarna is an accredited Higher Vocational Education

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