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Towards brighter days!

Appreciated visit from Jerry Engström, a driven entrepreneur and visionary from the High Coast

This week got a good start when we got a real boost by a visit from @jerryengstrom, previously Global Marketing Director at Fjällräven and with a bunch of awards such as Sweden’s Best Marketing Director and Placebrander of the Year. Jerry who is originally from Örnsköldsvik - where we are located - has now moved back home to the High Coast where he is pursuing his dream of creating a careful balance of nature, creativity and community he and his team call @friluftsbyn. FriluftsByn is also the venue for our shared festival called #soundslikesweden with Musikmakarna performing an outdoor concert after creating new songs for 3 days in Friluftsbyn, the Outdoor village.

Jerry shared tips and tricks on how to make your dream come true. ´The need of some sort of plan but also taking care of opportunities when they show up – or even better see if you can increase the chances of good things happening to you. We also discussed the importance of getting mentally ready and surrounding yourself with people who support you in becoming the best version of you. 

Thanks for a great day! This was really valuable for all of us.

We are back!

Good to have our talents back again!

#Female Songwriters Day 2021

We´re back with the important event #Female Songwriters Day - on International Womens Day 8th of March 2021!


 - Why #Female Songwriters Day?

 * It’s time to get more females /non binaries visible on the global hit lists.
 * It’s time to achieve greater financial equality.
 * It’s time to manifest the female power behind many good songs.
 * It’s time to connect and encourage female writers globally!

 - We'll make a difference - in accordance with the UN Global Goals 2030, for equality!


 * Write songs with other females and non-binaries!

 * Sign up for our speed dating rounds to meet and find new friends to create with. 
 * Join our Facebook community!
 * Our seven valuable webinars are set and ready.
 * Everything is for free! 

 * We suggest a tool to help you collaborate - via Auddly!

 * Tips for a concert with Swedish superstar Zara Larsson on International Women's Day.

 * Get feedback on your song!

 * Play your song with us on our global listening party event on YouTube further on!


 - Join the event, our Facebook Community and our Instagram page!


Music and Life during Covid19

Rami Yacoub, 3 Grammy nominated - skilled Swedish music creator

Most of us around the world of music are experiencing really different and a bit scary times these months, actually most of the year 2020. Covid19 does not seem to let us go. It is easy to loose energy and feel life as hopeless. BUT - Don´t give up! This too shall pass...Though life will never be the same again. We learn every day now how wounderable we are on this planet, together. Post-Covid we´ll come out as more caring, loving, appreciating and responsible human beeings. I hope. And - there are still many things to be happy and humble for! There are moments of gold, in spite of everything. We just have to keep up and be open! Comfort each other, carry each others sorrows and worries, be there....and get a good laugh together as well! 


At Musikmakarna - the Songwriters Academy of Sweden - we still create new songs, every day. They will be ready the day they are needed. Still we can meet with the music business out there, on-line but visible and alive! So, we keep the school open, with strict rules and responsibility for the Covid-restrictions. All student working studios are open 24/7. No external visitors this fall - apart from the NEIKED collective, who came up north and spent time in quarantine living in a cabin in the High Coast area, hiking daytime, creating music and going to the sauna by the lake during the evenings - while waiting for clearance to visit the school. They workd a full day with the students, a highlight of this quite dark November! Truly appreciated!


We arrange Songwriting Camps with some 100 of our students once a month, a good way of keeping up energy and learning to know each other and growing the network for the future. And we meet the music business once a week on-line, with presentations and individual meetings with our Musikmakarna students. Important and developing. The other day, we met with Rami Yacoub, who is nominated for 3 Grammys and has made an interesting journey. He gave our students lot´s of good advice. Thank you Rami ! And thank you all who we have met during this Fall semester, like Lorne Padman, Don Diablo, Benjamin Groff, Andreas Carlsson and all the Swedish business representatives from all labels, companies and managers. You mean the world to us!


Wonders happen - Covid cannot stop us! Our former student Carl Silvergran who is one of the songwriters behind Victor Leksell and his song "Svag" could recently celebrate beeing the first song to pass 100M streams on Spotify Sweden, still top 5 on the lists after nearly a year now! Students and former students release new, fantastic music every week. Some get cut in Sweden, or in LA, the Netherlands, Asia, England, - you name it!  And the coming up Swedish round for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 contents of 28 songs/artists, where our former students are involved in 9 of them, including 2 performing artists. Music lives forever!


So- smile and live today, for tomorrow! The sun will raise over us again, and we will be stronger than ever before! 


Musikmakarna Fall 2020

Musikmakarna, October 2020, Örnsköldsvik - the High Coast of Sweden

Late October, Fall is colouring our little city. Musikmakarna are creating new music daily. Covid19 has changed

the planet and we cannot recieve music industry guests physically but we are meeting them every week on Zoom.

The students are allowed in school with access to their production studios 24/7, as ususal. With some restricitions.

We keep up the mood and continue to fulfill our dreams and passion!

Musikmakarna in Corona-times

Unfortunately, no meetings in Corona times.....

Musikmakarna suffers from the rules due to the Covid19, as all of you out there. Many planned lecturing guests and exciting visitors, activites, songwriting camps etc has been cancelled and we cannot gather bigger groups these days. Students get their educational projects and songwriting tasks on-line. Although, we are lucky to still be able to keep the school and our facilities open for the students, which means they can work in their studios. Under strict regulations, of course. In respect of all around us and all of you, around the world, we have to stay safe together.


I´d like to send you hope, love and strenght in these strenuous times. Keep your energy up, your creativity flowing, let new things inspire and take time to reflect and build up yourself and your health, - if possible out in the nature. 

We´re here together, you are not alone. The day will come when we see the light.


We´re so much looking forward to seeing everyone again, to be able to work together, to share a hug. Soon!!!

Until then - if we can do anything to comfort and help, please get in contact!

We´re here!


With lot´s of love from us at Musikmakarna - Songwriters Academy of Sweden,




THANK YOU ALL for everything during 2019!

Thank you for everything during the past year! It has been a year with so much good things coming our way, giving hope and energy to work even harder for the future and our talented students.

Thank you all for beeing here with us, for visiting school, for remembering us in all different means. 

You are all part of the success by the Musikmakarna Family!

Now ending this year with humbleness, feeling grateful and proud at the same time.

We`ll continue our work with Together for Equality and Mental Health, as well as beeing a first class education for young songwriters, artists and producers with big dreams.

See you again 2020!

Take care! Live in love!



Musikmakarna Happenings Fall 2019

Visit from Quincy Jones Productions, LA:
Mårten - Grand Music Group, Alyssa - Quincy Jones Prod, Ulla - Musikmakarna, Thomas - Quincy Jones Prod.

Autumn at Musikmakarna started with such crazy speed, so many interesting visitors and projects on-going!

Among them, Quincy Jones Productions staff Alyssa & Thomas came from LA and opened new, inspiring doors.

Thank you! We are more than honored!


Celebrating the Denniz Pop Award!!!

Awarded the MVP - "Most Valuable Person" - by Denniz Pop jury

So, so honured to recieve the MVP at Denniz Pop Awards June 6th!

"Most Valuable Person " - it´s such a great recognition, I am walking on clouds!

Thank you Denniz Pop Awards, the Jury and the Music Business for trusting me with this wonderful prize!

Will work even harder for the mutual, good things!

Here we go again! Application record to Musikmakarna 2019!

Musikmakarna students Spring 2018, with Vice President of DimMak LA, Lorne Padman

.....and here we go again! Closed the application window last midnight and to the new course start this Fall we´ve got 335 applications from talented, hungry songwriters/ producers/ singersongwriters, wanting to join the Musikmakarna Family!

We´re so proud and grateful. Already this morning the intake jury started their delicate work with going through all applications, listening to all songs you´ve sent us, and - hopefully - finding the most special ones to be part of our next Musikmakarna class. So, with 11 applicants for each seat (maximium 30) this will be a tuff challenge! Looking forward to this exciting process!

Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

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