Ulla Sjöström is the founder and principal of Musikmakarna. Follow us backstage and get a feel for what's happening right now.

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High Coast Songwriting Camp 2016

A Film By Cam

In October 2016, a highly professional retreat style songwriting camp was held for the first time ever on the mind-blowingly calm and beautiful island 'Ulvön' in the world heritage area Höga Kusten (the High Coast) of northern Sweden. 

Joe Cruz - USA
Ellen Berg-Tollbom - Sweden
Victoria Duffield - Canada
Per Eklund - Sweden
Pontus Frisk - Sweden
Märta Grauers - Sweden
Rabih Jaber - Sweden
Cornelia Jakobsdotter - Sweden
Karl-Ola Kjellholm - Sweden
Buster Moe - Sweden
Gerald O’Brien - USA
Cazzi Opeia - Sweden
Pete Philly - The Netherlands
Ben Roustaing - England
Robin Stjernberg - Sweden
Molly Sandén - Sweden
Jonas Wallin - Sweden
Frank Ådahl - Sweden

Film Maker:
Cam Henderson - London

The camp was organised by the Songwriting Academy Musikmakarna's founder and Head of School, Ulla Sjöström, who joined forced with the Multi Platinum awarded songwriter and artist Niclas Lundin, who is also part of the staff at Musikmakarna.


Inspiration is KEY to being CREATIVE and the choice of placing this camp at the island Ulvön was based on Ulla’s and Niclas’ personal experience from the environment and conditions that Ulvön offers, which may very well be the best in this world for a MIND OPENING and inspirational experience!

The camp was held at the amazing hotell, Ulvö Hotell, which completed the experience with their ultimate hospitality, food and accomodation. 

Joining us in making this camp amazing we had the following sponsors:
Ulvö Hotell - http://www.ulvöhotell.se
Höga Kusten Flyg - http://www.hogakustenflyg.se
Östmans Musik - http://www.ostmansmusik.se
Adam Professional Audio - http://www.adam-audio.com
Universal Audio - http://www.uaudio.com
Hagström Guitars - http://www.hagstromguitars.com
Yamaha Music - http://se.yamaha.com
Golden Age Project - http://www.goldenageproject.com
Gravity Stands - http://www.gravitystands.com
Beyerdynamic - http://www.beyerdynamic.de
Kaotica Eyeball - https://www.kaoticaeyeball.com
Hotel Focus - http://www.hotellfocus.se

Varldsklass Ornskoldsvik http://www.ornskoldsvik.se

Nybergs http://www.nybergs.nu


HighCoast Songwriting Camp

The whole great bunch of Songwriters at Lotsberget!

HighCoast Songwriting Camp 2016 was held October 2nd - 6th, based on the unique island Ulvön in the world heritage High Coast area, northern Sweden. Successful producers, artists and songwriters from 5 countries let their creativity loose in the breathtaking environment. The inspiration was unmistakeable and everyone really enjoyed the lovely Ulvö Hotel. A world class event, performed by the Songwriting Academy of Sweden - Musikmakarna with the project manager, artist and songwriter Niclas Lundin together with the Musikmakarna founder and Head of School Ulla Sjöström as hosts. 


Click here to view more pictures from the successful camp!


TV production team from Holland visits Musikmakarna

FTV from the Netherlands are filming Sweden as Music country for a production of a season with 8 programs in NL. The idé is built on the famous dutch artist duo Nick & Simon, who travel around our country and meet with famous - and less famous - swedish people, artists, songwriters and producers, while they are discovering and enjoying our beautiful Sweden.


Wednesday September 21st Nick & Simon will meet with students at Musikmakarna and Dreamhill Music Academy, at the school in Örnsköldsvik. New written songs, specially for the artist duo, will be presented. Exciting!


Wednesday evening we´ll celebrate at High Coast Resort close to Skule, where we in co-operation with the great Jerry Engström, will perform the first ever High Coast Mountain Music Festival. - But guaranteed not the last! Music will be performed by our band on stage, by students from Musikmakarna and Dreamhill Music Academy, artists like Niclas Lundin and Frank Ådahl as well as Nick & Simon - of course! Surrounded by fireplaces, hamburgers grilled, TV-cameras and much more fun, your evening will be even nicer. Come and join!





Musikmakarna gave heartbreaking concert in Båstad

Students from Musikmakarna, Princess Sofia of Sweden and President Obama Advisory Board member Mr John Hope Bryant performed at the Business day in Båstad, August 4th, on subject "A sustainable Tomorrow".

Musikmakarna gave a program with specially written songs from their meetings last spring with alone children and refugees, where every single song reflects their own life and story. Highly appreciated!







Musikmakarna welcomes international students! Apply now!

We're happy to announce that Musikmakarna/Songwriters Academy of Sweden will welcome a small and exclusive number of International students for the fall semester starting in september 2016. As an international student you will be integrated with the Swedish Musikmakarna students and share songwriting tasks and camps with them. Other lessons will be custom-tailored for the international group. Additionally, you will be provided with a personal mentor during the approximately 3 months of studies.


You will have the opportunity to show your work to visiting representatives from the music industry, work with real leads from music labels and companies, and be given personal feedback and possible pitching opportunities. Our skilled and experienced staff will guide you through the lessons and supervise your development.


Upon completion of your studies you will be awarded a Graduation Diploma from the school.


Subjects include

Music rights, Computer & Software skills, Creative Writing, Production and Mastering, Popular Music Composition and Music Production.


You will be given full 24/7 access to the school in addition to a small working studio, equipped with a Mac computer, Logic software and other tools/instruments of the trade. Each working studio room will be used by 1 or 2 students.



August 29th – November 25th 2016



The city of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, located at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site known as the High Coast.

To learn more about the High Coast visit www.hogakusten.com



  • By car: 560 km north of Stockholm.
  • By train: Approx. 5 hrs from Stockholm Central station.
  • By flight: Approx. 1 hrs flight to Gideå Airport from Stockholm Arlanda.



  • English proficiency (verbal/written)
  • Computer skills
  • Songwriting experience 


How to apply

Send an email to Mrs Ulla Sjöström, Head of School

Email: ulla@musikmakarna.se, Tel: +46 709 370133


Application deadline

July 15th


Make sure that you have a relevant insurance for staying in Sweden 3 months and, if needed, a 3 months Visa.

Participating fee for 3 months: SEK 30 000:- (approximately 3200 Euros)


Accommodations in Örnsköldsvik

We can offer a room at B&B Vindarnas Hus close to the school. Price per month in shared double room SEK 3000:-/p, single 4500:-/p.



Next opportunity will be during the Spring semester, March 1st – May 24th 2017

Concert of the Year, March 23

Lesvos. Thousands have made the dangerous trip overseas, escaping from war. Photo: XOV

The most important concert this year is performed Wednesday March 23 in Örnsköldsvik. "Musik & Människor". Students from Musikmakarna and some partcipants from Dreamhill Music Academy will perform their own new songs, written together with refugees from the the Örnsköldsvik area. Every song is a unique story of a refugee. An evening which will be remembered. Welcome! / Nolaskolans aula 18.30 pm. Tickets can be bought on Ticnet, Örnsköldsviks Tourist information or at the concert entrance. 


Watch the concert live via Allehanda.se, webstreaming!: http://www.allehanda.se/angermanland/ornskoldsvik/allehanda-se-sander-varldsunik-konsert-pa-nolaskolan

And look at  " Tidningen 7 " about the concert:  http://webben7.se/artikel/127684/webb-tv-infor-musik-och-manniskor-galan


Ola Salo knocked down!

Ola Salo (former the Ark) is one of many songwriters who have visited Musikmakarna during the past months.

His text feedback to our students songs really gave wanting more. After his day at school, he expressed that he was "totally knocked down by the quality and the level of the students, - what talents"!

Our thanks to Ola for his highly appreciated visit! 


Ulla Sjöström


Tel +46 709 370133

Musikmakarna approved for intake 2016 & 2017

Photo: Tidningen 7, Mats Forsgren

We're happy to announce that the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education has approved two more student intakes to Musikmakarna! We're glad that we'll be able to develop our unique concept further, together with our wonderful students.


We celebrated with cake when the long-awaited announcement finally arrive! 


Reload and rock on!


Ulla Sjöström


+46 70 937 01 33

CHANGING TRENDS - Girls in charge!

Musikmakarna writes history. For the first time since the founding in 1998 we have a class where the girls are in majority.


The most beautiful songs are those that we create together, which is why we believe that both girls and boys must be given equal opportunities to work and learn from each other. When the school was founded in 1998 we only had one female applicant. Our journey has been long and not without its pitfalls, but after years of goal-oriented work aimed at breaking the male dominance at Musikmakarna we're now more than happy to announce that we've reached our goal.


We're proud to present Musikmakarna 2015: 16 female and 15 male students for a total of 31 brilliant songwriters who all show great potential. We look forward to two eventful and creative years together.


Ulla Sjöström


+46 70 937 01 33


Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

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