Visit from Minna Fagerstedt / OneSeven

Published: 16 Feb 2018

Minna Fagerstedt from OneSeven met the students, listened to songs and gave good advice!

Swedish Grammis 2018

Published: 6 Feb 2018

Congratulations to all Musikmakarna students nominated for Grammis 2018!

Visit from Sony/ATV

Published: 5 Feb 2018

Atena Banisaid and Christoffer Lindh, visiting Musikmakarna, listening to new songs and looking for talents!

K-Pop Clinic with former student

Published: 1 Feb 2018

Johan Gustafson, songwriter, music producer and former student introduced Musikmakarna in K-POP.

Musikmakarna got renewed confidence from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education

Published: 26 Jan 2018

The atmosphere is at its best at Musikmakarna!

Musikmakarna is an accredited Higher Vocational Education

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