Musikmakarna student awarded with SKAP's scolarship

Published: 14 Okt 2016

Big congratulations to Lisa Desmond Linder who was awarded the SKAP scholarship in 2016.

Cut in Korea

Published: 5 Okt 2016

Albin Nordqvist and Louise Frick Sveen had their first kpop-cut with the debut single from the new kpop group SF9, released by FNC, one of the largest labels in South Korea.

Musikmakarna students behind song with The Chainsmokers

Published: 30 Sep 2016

"All We Know" is written by Sara Hjellström and Nirob Islam

Musikmakarna students behind the music on Swedish TV-show for children

Published: 29 Sep 2016

Big congratulations to Kristoffer Sjökvist and Christian Rabb who wrote all the music for the new season of Labyrinth, which is broadcast on the children's channel!

#1 in the US and Canada

Published: 10 Sep 2016

Painting With Dreams is #1 on the iTunes Dance Charts in the US and Canada.

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