Cosmos Music, represented by two fomer students Maria Marcus and Hampus Nerge.
Feedback in K-POP, as well as individual meetings with the students.
A great day!
Thanks and welcome back!

This week legendary Swedish Hip Hop-artist Adam Tensta visited Songwriters Academy of Sweden, Musikmakarna. 
Adam inspired the students with his story of being an independent Hip-hopper, from the struggling early years to his recent years of success.  
He also talked about the importance of branding yourself as an artist and your music. 

Together with other songwriters from USA, The Netherlands, Poland, Colombia and other countries, a team of 6 persons from Musikmakarna were recently invited to Mexico City to write and create music at Sony Secret Sessions. The Swedish team led by the founder & head of Musikmakarna Ulla Sjöström and songwriting teacher Niclas Lundin spent five days at the camp. 


The songwriting camp was the first diversity camp arranged in Mexico and focused on equality. Therefore the Swedish team consisted of four strong female songwriters and producers, Selen Özan, Sara Bogale, Alessandra Gunthart and Alexandra Shanahan.


The team had the opportunity to collaborate with latin songwriters and producers and learn more about the genre and perhaps adding a bit of Swedish flavour into the latin world of music.

Autumn at Musikmakarna started with such crazy speed, so many interesting visitors and projects on-going!
Among them, Quincy Jones Productions staff Alyssa & Thomas came from LA and opened new, inspiring doors.
Thank you! We are more than honored!

A huge thank you to Shellback, Tove Lo, Julius Peterson and Ludvig Söderberg from MXM & Wolf Cousins who cleared up their busy schedules to come to Musikmakarna to meet with our students and share their journeys. This is the third year in a row we get to enjoy a visit from MXM with both Max Martin and Shellback now having visited two times each. We are honored, humbled, excited and very thankful! 

Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

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