During a week in the beginning of October, Musikmakarna held the third songwriting camp of it's kind at Ulvö Hotell, Ulvön, for professional songwriters. The camp was hosted by Ulla Sjöström, Head Of School at Musikmakarna and Niclas Lundin, Professional Instructor and New Ventures Coordinator at Musikmakarna. Sponsored by Världsklass Örnsköldsvik, 18 participants from 10 nations were invited to Ulvön to write and produce music for four effective days. 


The very picturesque island of Ulvön offers one of the most mind opening environments in the world and along with the world class food, service and hospitality at Ulvö Hotell, the conditions are exemplary for a creative experience also considering the fact that the camp is hosted with a foundation of Musikmakarnas 20 year long experience of songwriting/cowriting on a daily basis in intimate connection with the music industry around the world. 


Many of the participants have claimed the High Coast Songwriting Camp to be one of their best and most creatively inspiring times of their lives!


Below are a few pictures taken during the camp. Visit High Coast Songwriting Camp on Facebook for more pictures and information! 


Bhavic Knightstar (UK), Alex Wong (US) & Sarah Lundback (SE)


Delaney Jane (CA), Thomas Stengaard (DK) & Sky Wu (TW)


Jimmy Nevis (SA), Jenny Wahlström (SE) & Eric Ng (SGP)


Sarah Raba (FR), Moh Denebi (SE) & Lisa Miskovsky (SE)


The whole group of participants with the hosts Ulla Sjöström & Niclas Lundin

Today Musikmakarna was honoured to receive a ”STAR-Diploma”  from the hand of Swedish Minister for EU-Affairs and Trade, Ann Linde, together with representatives from the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik.
The Diploma is given to an organization or company who has contributed to the brand and growth of Örnsköldsvik in the region, nationwide and globally. 
We are truly grateful and will proudly continue to work intensively for our young songwriting talents and for the Swedish Music Wonder!
Looking forward to 20 more years to come!

Congratulations to all the worthy winners at the Denniz Pop Awards 2018, and of course; an extra big CONGRATULATIONS from us at Musikmakarna to our former student Litens Anton Nilsson who won the Dennis Pop Rookie Songwriter/Producer Award! Best of luck in your future endeavours!


More info about the Denniz Pop Awards here

Such a great honour to have Julius Petersson and Martin 'Max Martin' Sandberg back at Musikmakarna, and this time they also brought Johan 'Shellback' Schuster! It’s such a pleasure to have such icons with us to meet with our students and to listen to their musicThanks Julius, Martin & Johan for taking the time, your inspiration for us and our students is something you can't really put into words!!



Today we celebrate our students Hilda Stenmalm & Kian Sang together with DJ Don Diablo and Executive producer Lorne Padman at Dim Mak LA! Their song "Wake Me Up When It's Quiet" reached #1 on the Spotify Viral 50 Global!


Congratulations also to us all at Musikmakarna for having the honor of hosting and developing talents like Hilda and Kian, who are first year students at our 2 year academy. 


All our students are uniquely amazing and this is yet another example of that! 





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