Herman Gardarfe, (former student) Melanie Wehbe and Patrik Jean, has written the winning song MOVE, which represents Sweden in Eurovison.
Artist - The Mamas

Congrats and good luck!

Thanks to Anna Kornelia Åberg and Fredrik Häggstam, two former students today running the music company BLNK.

They´ve been guiding the students in the course Artist Profiling & Music Marketing.

Thanks and velcome back!


 Artist Profiling & Music Marketing 

In round 4 of the Swedish competition for Eurovision 2020, there is two former students from Musikmakarna:

* Artist: Jakob Karlberg - ”Om du tror att jag saknar dig”
Songwriter: Henrik Moreborg, Isak Halldén, Jakob Karlberg, Nanne Grönvall

* Artist: Hanna Ferm - ”Brave”
Songwriter: David Kjellstrand, Jimmy Jansson, Laurell Barker


Congrats and good luck!

Musikmakarna proudly presents Artist Amanda Aasa with team, who will participate in the 3rd round of the Swedish competition for Eurovision 2020, in Luleå.

Congrats and good luck from all of us! 

Amanda Kiflay and Atena Banisaid listened to songs, gave feedback and had individual meetings with the students. 

Thanks and welcome back!

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