The Songwriters Academy! Here is where the songwriters and the producers of the future are grown! I have followed and supported this education for over 20 years and I´ve seen how their impressive work is constantly evolving. This is without doubt one of Scandinavia´s best resources for international and modern pop music!

Pelle Lidell, President & Co-founder, EKKO Music Rights Europe

Since a couple of years I have had the advantage of acting as Chairman of the Musikmakarna Management Board. I visit the school regulary, perform lectures and keep a creative exchange with the students. We have signed and employed many students from this school. To be able to work with the talents from Musikmakarna is something really rewarding!

Peo Nylén, Creative Director, Cosmos Music Publishing

Japan in the second largest music market in the world. A lot of the music released here is also influential for, and successful in the rest of the Asian music market. For many years Swedish songwriters have been successful in getting their compositions released with important domestic artists in Japan. ...and therefore the Japanese music business welcomes well kept traditions of songwriting/studio production educational programmes in Sweden, like the very popular "Musikmakarna" in Örnsköldsvik.

Jonny Thompson, General Manager, NICHION INC.

The Songwriters Academy works in close collaboration with the established music business. Every year graduating students are ready for a career within the international music market. We have signed several students who have succeded to establish themselves, requested especially from the Asian market. The Swedish ”Music Wonder” lives on!

Pernilla Svanström, Creative Manager The Kennel

Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

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