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Musikmakarna / Songwriters Academy of Sweden is a unique and very successful education, founded 1998 by Mrs Ulla Sjöström, Head of School. Today, the education has established broad networks all over the world and playes a major role in the Swedish Music Industry.


it all starts with a good song...

Musikmakarna/The Songwriters Academy of Sweden aims to develop future songwriters in Sweden and internationally. With many years of experience as educators, we are working with the most renowned music publishers worldwide. 

Musikmakarna/The Song Writers Academy of Sweden , a complete training

As a student at the Musikmakarna/The Songwriters Academy, you get a solid two year long education in the craftsmanship of songwriting focused on Popular Music.

 Furthermore, through the school, you get a unique network of contacts. It gives you invaluable potential to succeed in your future life as a songwriter and music creator.  Unlimited access to your own studio  24/7 allows you to immerse yourself in the industry's most widely used music softwares and studio equipment. All projects during the training at  Musikmakarna/The Songwriters Academy are direct assignments from music publishers. With us, everything is for real!

Course Description Training aims to work closely with industry associations and companies in the music industry to equip talented creators of the popular and commercial music for a professional career on the Swedish and international music scene.

We want to be a nursery for working songwriters. We cannot create talent, however, we can provide the conditions and opportunities for development and open valuable doors to important music industry contacts.

During the study program, students receive skills in musical handicraft and production, knowledge of music theory, copyright issues, marketing, business studies, etc.



A passing grade is required in all courses in order to receive a Higher Vocational Education Graduation of 400 credit points

Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

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