Emir Kobilic

Bosnia born and Sweden raised artist/DJ/producer/songwriter Emir Kobilic began studying at Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik in 2010. Since the beginning of his studies he has released over 70 tracks around the world. As a producer (Emir Youthman) he has worked with Zuri from the Latin Grammy winning group Ojos De Brujo, Little Pepe, Shabu (Spain), Million Stylez, Rigo (Infinite Mass/Crossfire), Gnucci, Lilla Namo, Joey Fever (Sweden), Las Balkanieras (Germany/Balkans), Marika, Junior Stress, Bas Tajpan, Bob One (Poland), Ward 21, General Degree, Hawkeye, Delly Ranks (Jamaica) and Kafu Banton (Panama) among others.

As an artist he also has his balkan group Sanjin & Youthman that recently released their debut EP on the German record label "Germaica" and applied for this years Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. 

"Musikmakarna made me realize that i really want to work with music, and it helped me a lot. All the things i have done so far would not have been possible without Musikmakarna. I always say that one of my best decisions in life was to apply to Musikmakarna and i am so glad that i got in. I will always represent Musikmakarna no matter where I go in the world."

Musikmakarna - It all starts with a great song

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